Kellers mission today, and always has been, is to make beautiful kitchens accessible. Since 1946 Keller have been focused on creating a kitchen brand that manufactures state of the art kitchen furniture for all customers across the globe. Making beautiful kitchens attainable is what drives Keller every day. With an extensive, up-to-date collection, they offer everything we need to make this possible for our customers. 



The Keller MASTER collection consists of 9 modern uni-colours which are available in 6 different materials. Every model is available in these 9 colours so you can choose any front in a more favorably priced material without colour difference.

The Keller COMFORT collection is their most extensive range of colours. For instance, to give your kitchen that "personal touch" you can choose from 1950 structured, silk gloss and high gloss lacquers.

For veneered and solid wooden models they have added 5 stains as well. Together with the melamine colours and the modern Ultra Matt with soft touch, this is the most extensive colour collection available for kitchens.


'Each Keller kitchen is manufactured in our own factory. This way we are fully able to monitor the quality of the materials and parts used. We can make sure that our very high standards are met, every time. And it shows: the end result is impeccable – day in day out, year in year out. And always with 5-year unconditional warranty.'

Keller Spokesperson 2019



 In April 2017, Keller Kitchens implemented a carbon-neutral manufacturing process. CO2 reduction has been attained by generating energy with the help of solar panels, converting waste products such as sawdust into energy, and using eco-friendly transportation methods.

On April 1 2018, Keller Kitchens obtained the Kiwa-certificates for the CO2Performance Ladder (level 3), ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The CO2 Performance Ladder is the leading sustainability instrument to help companies map and structurally reduce CO2. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are the international standards for quality and environmental management.