We have three ranges of kitchens to choose from. Our premium brand from German specialists SieMatic, a superb value mid-range from Keller in Holland and our own in-house custom-made option. 

For more information about our in-house range please contact the showroom.

At the forefront of contemporary kitchen design for over 90 years, SieMatic have only a select group of partners in the UK and we are delighted to have been appointed as their sole representation of kitchen designers in the North East of England. Their cutting-edge, innovative style is well known throughout the world of interior design and is a favourite amongst architects and specifiers around the globe. 


German kitchen brand SieMatic is our premium product. With three full kitchens on display you can see the various options available. Each person is different; each SieMatic is, too. Discover a new scope for all your ideas. With the exceptional options offered by SieMatic, you can design your kitchen to your personal taste: purist, urban or classic.



With delicate frames, metallic materials and fine woods, SieMatic has developed a new language of design for the kitchen. Sensitively selected combinations of materials give rise to endless possibilities for our experienced designers to create something totally unique. 


Classic interior design is developing a new and versatile lifestyle. Timeless elegance and a cozy welcoming atmosphere are no longer contradictions. By combining sensitive design with extravigent elements together with your own ideas creates highly individual compositions of the classic kitchen.


The iconic element of this range is the reinvention of the kitchen sideboard. This new solitaire piece of furniture forms a characteristic element of the Urban style. This along with features such as the Herb Garden allows complete individuality whilst planning and designing your new kitchen.