Quality without compromise - SieMatic PlusPoints

"So why are SieMatic kitchens so much better than others"? Nigel asked me over a particularly good glass of South African shiraz the other evening.

The quality of some thing, as opposed to a service, can be very difficult to define or explain. Why is a one make of car better than another? The reasons are often hidden from view or at least not particularly obvious. When explaining to clients why a particular room layout works well it can easily be shown using graphics. However, start explaining the different densities of the various layers of our carcass materials, or how many rivets are used in our wall unit support brackets and clients eyes can sometimes glaze over.


However, I think these hidden qualities are very important and can help explain why two products which on the face of it can look very similar can have very differing price points. But as I say, difficult to explain without sounding boring. But my colleagues in Germany have thankfully come up with the perfect solution - an 80 page document explaining in fine detail just what makes a SieMatic kitchen such exceptionally high quality. The booklet has the catchy title 'SieMatic Plus Points'.

Now all I need to do is offer it to anyone who, like Nigel, is interested. They can then read it at their leisure while Hannah and I get on with the business of turning the furniture into a working kitchen solution.

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