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By the time this article reaches you the festive dust will have well and truly settled, but the memory of how well your kitchen coped (or otherwise) with the onslaught of all that cooking and entertaining might still be lingering. This is why the early part of the year is always a busy time for us as customers whose kitchens did not quite stand up to the Christmas Challenge decide it is time to do something about it. So we thought this would be a good opportunity to see what is trending on the kitchen front in 2018.

For quite a while now, especially with the move towards a more minimalist and functional style the go-to look has been any colour - as long as it’s white. Whilst this look is still very popular, what we are now being offered by both our German partner SieMatic and our recently added Dutch brand Keller is a move towards the opposite end of the spectrum – i.e black. And not only black, but matt black.

The new ranges released late last year both include velvet smooth and dead-matt black finishes. And for those who immediately think “finger-marks” then fear not because those clever continentals have managed to achieve a matt finish which has an anti-fingerprint surface applied. As well as the smoother finishes, the black trend also encompasses wood-grains which offer a slightly warmer feel.

This new black trend can be used to particularly dramatic effect when combined with other finishes, a firm favourite being metallics such as brushed steel or nickel gloss. Natural wood finishes such as grey oiled oak from the likes of Spekva can also work surprisingly well with black. And of course the classic monochrome style of black and white is always going to work well.

The use of black is not just limited to the furniture. Manufacturers of sinks and taps are introducing a variety of black options to go alongside the already popular black cooking appliances, a popular choice being the Obsidian Black range from Miele. Ancillary items such as lighting and tableware are also seeing black options being added to the product ranges. And to complete the look there are some striking new dark veined work surfaces available from the likes of Silestone and Dekton which can add a touch of real drama and luxury.

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