All things new in the kitchen world

It is that time of year again where we have just returned home from a fantastic few days at SieMatic HQ in Lohne, Germany.

Every year SieMatic host their fantastic Haus Fair where they present all things new in the world of kitchen design and trend forecasts for 2019 to kitchen designers from all over the world, and this year they did not disappoint.

Introducing the ‘New Handle-Free SieMatic’

When it was first presented back in 1960 by Siematic, the handle-free SieMatic kitchen revolutionised kitchen design and function and even today there is still no surprise that other kitchen brands and manufacturers have jumped on board. So what do SieMatic do, they re-invent it. The trend for the handle-free kitchen will go on for many years to come so our German inventors over at HQ asked themselves could they make it even better. And the answer was yes! The tasks they had set themselves were: How can the front appear more streamlined and delicate? How can the grip become even more comfortable, with a unique design? The result is a concept that reinforces the company‘s decades-long leading position in international kitchen design. The central design detail is the completely redeveloped SieMatic recessed grip channel: decisive simplicity on the outside, and a complex interplay of technical ingenuity, craftsmanship and superior materials on the inside. This innovation was only made possible by the perfect angle, the ideal feel and an individually controllable lighting system - the LED light strip integrated into the shadow gap.

This innovative recessed grip is the basis of an intelligent overall concept that combines three design elements: Transparency, light and three-dimensionality, three trends that we will see a lot of in 2019. The result is a design that will once again be formative not only for the SieMatic PURE style collection, but for an entire generation of kitchens.

The New Handle-Free SieMatic will be available from our showroom in 2019, the same year in which SieMatic will celebrate their 90th birthday.

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